Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Vanhattan????? Tooo funny

Sept 14 , 2011

bc housing magazine cover .... Vanhattan...enough said- the top is in

i have seen massive supply come onto the market on the west side especially in the hot area of trafalgar park where chinese speculators and money washers have dominated the market. If you take a stroll through that area , you will walk through blocks that have 4 and 5 for sale signs per block. we have seen a generational top is my bet and will not see the recent highs for decades to come. I have heard of chinese buying houses just 3 months ago that are now trying to sell them already-good luck. for all those who have not yet cashed in their "lottery tickets" because you thought prices here would rise forever - sit back , enjoy a glass of wine ( as Cam Good would say ) and watch the air deflate from your nest egg.


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